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Canopy will work with your company to assess your current plan(s) and develop a strategy that balances benefits with cost. We take the time to learn about your objectives and find a solution to fit your company's needs.


  • Needs analysis, including a comprehensive evaluation of your existing plan or situation

  • Market analysis, pulling together quotes from multiple insurance carriers with different plan options

  • Carrier and plan selection

  • Ongoing, day-to-day service for all items related to your group insurance product(s)

  • Healthcare reform 101:

    - Personalized guidance based on your group’s unique situation
    - Individual plan options versus group plans
    - Regulatory and compliance communication
    - Helpful resources, like this video that helps simplify the changes in healthcare reform (Obamacare)

  • Human Resources Consulting:

    Canopy’s “HR Support Plus” program provides an array of services to help alleviate any stress and burden of human resource (HR) issues within your organization. We partner with a full-service HR firm to provide an innovative, proactive approach, which will improve productivity and reduce costs.

Each year we will do a thorough review of your existing policy and take steps to stabilize rates while analyzing competitive bids from the other carriers to ensure you remain in the best possible situation. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure our clients are taken care of, year-round. It’s all part of our clients-come-first mentality.

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How subsidies affect your group coverage.

Some individuals may qualify for financial assistance (a subsidy) from the government to help pay for health insurance. These individuals will have to purchase insurance through the federally-funded Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange, not through their employer. Depending on the status of your employees and size of your company, you may elect to send all of your employees to the Exchange rather than offer group coverage. We can help determine the best option for your company.


Only you can determine if you need our services.

Start by answering these six questions:

  1. Does the source you rely on for health insurance provide a thorough benefits and cost evaluation of your existing plan?
  2. Can you state your company’s strategic objective for your benefits plan and how that plan is helping you increase the value of your company?
  3. Do you have adequate information to decide your company’s benefits 60 days prior to your renewal date?
  4. Does your staff have one source for all benefit-related issues?
  5. Does your source have a knowledgeable staff that can answer questions about healthcare reform regulations, HIPAA, COBRA, State Continuation and other legislative issues?
  6. Do you have a formal, ongoing communication process to inform employees about their benefits?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to talk to someone who can set up a personalized, comprehensive insurance plan for your company.