Canopy is a personal comprehensive insurance provider that specializes in finding the coverage that’s right for you. We start by talking to you and understanding your needs. How can we help you, today?


Finding the right health insurance plan
or carrier.

Our personal health insurance assessment evaluates your needs based on your current situation, coverage and dependent status. We work with many carriers and can find the plan that best fits your budget and lifestyle needs.

Finding the best plan for you is easiest if you give us a call: (913) 563-3500.


Enrolling in a health insurance plan.

Once we find the right insurance plan to fit your needs, we’ll walk you through the enrollment process, including when and how to enroll through the Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange or directly from a carrier. It’s easier than ever to enroll, because your current health status no longer affects your coverage.

Use our simple quoting tool to estimate the cost of individual coverage.

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Finding out if I qualify for
financial assistance.

Though health insurance is available for everyone, we understand that it may not be affordable to all. But the government is offering financial assistance in the form of a premium subsidy to qualifying individuals. We can help determine if and how much you may qualify for with a convenient calculator.

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My company needs help:

Obtaining group health coverage.

Whether you have two or more than 200 employees, we can help find the coverage your group needs.

Our network extends across a variety of providers and plans.

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Understanding how healthcare reform
affects our group coverage.

We can help determine what aspects of healthcare reform (Obamacare) affect your company directly, including any changes to available health plan options and the best way to communicate those changes to your employees.

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Determining potential
subsidy-eligible employees.

Some individuals may qualify for financial assistance in the form of a premium subsidy to help cover the cost of health insurance. A subsidy can only be applied to individual coverage. Based on the size of your company and number of employees who may qualify for coverage, offering a group health plan may no longer be in the best interest of your company.

We can help you understand your options. Give us a call at (913) 563-3500.

Coverage for all aspects of
your life.

Health insurance may be top-of-mind these days, but we are here to assist you with all of your coverage needs including dental, life, disability, home, auto and more.

We’re kind of like jacks-of-all-trades. Let’s talk coverage: (913) 563-3500.